This is a slowly-developing and quite personal project. Thanks to those who've responded positively to it.
Imagine it's the year 2063, which is an arbitrary choice of mine that has some significance. It's not that far away, but the natural world will have undergone significantly more degradation by then.
You sit down with some photographs from the early C21st (from about now). By comparison to what's around you in 2063, it all looks wild and untamed to younger generations, yet you know that this was already an environment that is much-damaged... and only these photographic 'artefacts' remain..
Let's hope not.... this is an 'artistic' call to action.

'The Old Road', Scottish Highlands

"What's the white stuff", Mount Cook, New Zealand

'The Old Glencoe Lake', Glencoe Village, Scotland

Across Linnhe to Ardnamurchan, Scotland

'Wetland', Rannoch Moor, Scotland

I'm not going to lecture anyone but you might consider, if you've haven't already, getting involved with nature conservation, environmental campaigning or helping directly through your own lifestyle. Amongst my own choices are Marine Conservation Society, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, Plantlife, Sea Shepherd and others.
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